Make your honeymoon a night to remember

A big part of any wedding day is the evening that follows, as that is the first night that you are spending together as an officially married couple. It is a truly emotional and special moment, and as custom, is accompanied by intimate time alone together to “officially tie the knot”.

And while many couples do stick to the tradition of not having sex until they have officially gotten married, it is typically assumed that most couples are already having sex to some degree before they lay in bed together as husband and wife. For these couples, it can often be hard to make a lasting memory in the bedroom when they’ve already done the same old dance many times before.

However, in the same way that you can spice up your bedroom fun in a general sense, there are ways to spice up your wedding night specifically, and thankfully in a way that doesn’t involve bringing other people to the bedroom (which would obviously be a big no-no for a couple’s wedding night).

What I am talking about is of course the inclusion of a sex toy, which is a product that enhances sexual pleasure, either for you, your partner, or the both of you. Sex toys are fairly mainstream in society today, and there are plenty of places to buy them to boot!

One of my favorites is at Blissful Cherry, which has a modest selection of sex toys to purchase online (plus they also have tons of great guides on how to use the toys). But if you are looking for an even wider selection of sex toys, then all you have to do is search online, or even go to a local sex toy shop if you are daring enough!

Sex toys are safe and private ways to improve upon the intimacy of your night together, and frankly, they can be a big jump up in terms of sexual pleasure, which is why they make the perfect addition to your wedding night, which is probably the most special of nights you will ever have as a couple. And if you really enjoy using them on that special night, you can start incorporating into your regular sex routine once you’ve returned from your honeymoon, which is an added bonus.

However, there may definitely be reservations about using sex toys, either from you, or from your partner, or both, especially if it is the first time using them (or even hearing about them). That is why it is important to clearly communicate any intentions of using sex toys when you consummate the marriage, rather than making it a total surprise that could ruin the night in one fell swoop. And even if both parties are comfortable using them, make sure to integrate them slowly, and be ready to scrap the plans if either of you are not comfortable with it.

In all likelihood though, sex toys will make a great addition to your wedding night, particularly for couples who have already had sex numerous times before. And hopefully, you both will enjoy it enough to make it a permanent staple in your sex lives, enhancing the sex you two share for the rest of your married lives!