Forgive and forget when it comes to wedding invitations

No matter what kind of wedding you want to have, one big decision that always comes into play is the guest list and who to invite. For most people, decisions on the guest list boil down to whether they want a larger wedding or a smaller wedding, with pros and cons to both of those. Based on the size of their wedding, they will invite their guests accordingly. However, for some people they also see the guest list as a way of slighting people who may have wronged them in the past. And to those people, I say with the utmost conviction that doing that is not worth it!

I’ve noticed this behavior in women much more often than men, and that is that if they are not on good terms with someone, for whatever reason, they decide not to invite them to their wedding. In some cases, that can definitely make sense, especially if you are in a particularly serious feud. But more often than not, that is not the case and the two are fighting over something relatively petty. And while going through this petty feud, the man or woman may find that “snubbing” them from their wedding is a good way to get back at them.

But it is important to take a step back and realize what you are doing. You and this person may not be in a good place now, but in all likelihood later down the line you will be. And once that happens, the fact that you did not invite them to your wedding will be a huge blow that cannot be salvaged, since once your wedding comes and goes there is nothing either of you can do about it.

If anything, you should make even more of an effort to resolve your feud and put the past behind the two of you, so that you can invite him or her to your wedding without any bad blood hanging over you. In this way, they will be able to be a part of your special day, which is really what you would want in the long-run.

Or at the very least, what you should do is invite your friend and family member, even if you are still not on good terms with them. That at least shows that you want to put everything behind the two of you and leaves the ball in their court whether to accept or decline your invitation. Even if they don’t accept your gesture, it will not easily be forgotten if and when the two of you finally make-up, since not inviting them at all would just make things worse and thus harder to make-up later on down the line.

In summary, your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event that should be shared with all of your loved ones. Just because you may not be on good terms with someone right now, that should not cloud your judgement in terms of wedding invitations – be the bigger person and invite them to your wedding, ideally by making-up in the process. The two of you will both be better off if you do your best to forgive and forget ahead of your big day!